Rujero Singani

Rujero Singani





Bolivia's Unique High Elevation Terroir And Historic Vineyards Produce Intriguing Grape Varietals Used In Wines And A Local Spirit Called SinganiThis Little-Known Tradition Has Remained Hidden From Most Of The World -- Until Now. 

Our Mission At Chufly Imports Is To Carve Out A Niche For Bolivian Wine And Singani On Every Inventive Wine List And Every Serious Cocktail Menu In America. Each Bottle Of Premium Singani And Wine We Introduce To The States Builds On Nearly 500 Years Of Wine-Making Tradition. Among The Oldest New World Wine-Growing Regions, Bolivia's Cool-Climate Valleys Are Also The Highest In The World. Perched At Well Over A Mile Above Sea Level, The Equatorial Sun's Intensity Creates Nose-Tickling Aromatics, Tongue-Twisting Flavors, And Reason-Defying Balance. It Took Half A Millennia To Get It Here...

 So, Drink Up!

Our Values Help Us Stay True To Our Roots And Keep Us Focused In What We Hope To Accomplish. We Decided To Specialize In Bolivian Wine And Singani Because We Hope To Have An Impact Beyond Launching A Successful Business. As The Poorest Country In South America, Bolivia Is Overly Dependent On Commodities -- Mining, Oil & Gas, Grains. Wine And Singani Are Among The Few Value-Added Goods Bolivia Produces, So The Socioeconomic Impact Is Big. How Big? Well, Just Apply The 25 Acres | 10 Families Rule: For Every 25 Acres Of Grape Vines Planted, 10 Families Are Lifted Out Of Extreme Poverty. So, If We Achieve Our Mission Of Making Bolivian Wine And Singani A Staple Of Every Wine And Cocktail Menu, Then We Will Have Helped Lift Thousands Of Families Out Of Extreme Poverty.  

So, Drink Up -- It's Delicious And You'LL Make An Impact!