Most importantly, Control State Solutions is a spirits broker in the state of Oregon.  We do not sell spirits— only Oregon liquor stores may do that.  But, what can we do for you?

Introduce you to the bar community

Our ties and contacts in the bar community come from years of service behind the stick and just as much time working as sales people of wine and representatives of spirits.  We know who you need to meet and how to best place your product to gain influence and sales.

Get shelf placements

In Oregon, it all starts on the liquor store shelf.  Nobody can purchase your product unless the store stocks it first.  At Control State Solutions, we've worked directly with Oregon Liquor Control Agents for years.  We have great relationships and a proven track record of success.

Facilitate industry events

We are able to facilitate in store consumer tastings as well as organize educational events for bartenders.  We can communicate your unique story and teach consumers to love your brand. 

Present your brand at listing meetings

There is no better way to get big sales than to be a listed product with the OLCC.  Being listed lowers your price on the shelf, gets you a better purchase order and makes your product available in every OLCC outlet.  Control State Solutions knows how to navigate this process and help you create presentation that will have the state asking you for more product.