Cyrus Noble Bourbon

Cyrus Noble Bourbon

Established in San Francisco in 1871, and still distilled according to the family recipe.

Inspired by the smooth taste that defined the success of the original recipe—Cyrus Noble Bourbon is rich and velvety with notes of caramel, toasted hazelnut and buttery toffee. Craft distilled in small batches from a family mashbill recipe—with each bottling reflecting the spirit and character of a hand-made, intimate and unrushed production method.



Straight Bourbon | 90 Proof

6/750 ml Proof: 90 Proof Case Weight: 22 lbs Case Dimensions: 9.5" L x 6.5" W x 14" H UPC CODE: 0-83840-30202-2


2bar Straight Bourbon

2bar Straight Bourbon

2bar Bourbon is the first all local made in Seattle bourbon; made entirely grain-to-glass using all Northwest grains. It has a smooth and rich texture at 100 Proof with wonderful butterscotch, vanilla and honey notes with subtle hints of dark chocolate and cherry.

More than a century ago the Kaiser family settled in South Texas and established the 2bar Ranch. Five generations of Kaisers have ranched the land under the 2bar brand. Rumors of moonshining are also part of the family tree, but that’s not what people remember about 2bar and the Kaiser family. 2bar stands for quality, independence, and hard work. 

-Our entire bourbon whiskey line is straight bourbon whiskey

-2bar Spirits are made entirely on-site using 100% Northwest grains

-This year, 2bar filled 240 x 30g barrels (~120 full-size barrels)

-2bar Distillery mashes >20,000 lbs of grain per month

-2bar Distillery is the largest privately owned Craft Distillery in Seattle

OLCC ITEM 2764B 750ml-$55.95  Case- $335.70